Depil Electronic Blend

DEPIL ELECTRONIC BLEND is a piece of equipment for painless needle electric depilation
which has been created to carry out definitive treatments by means of the “Blend” method.

The uniqueness of this method is to be found in the type of currents used during the course
of the treatment.

As opposed to other techniques, DEPIL ELECTRONIC BLEND works with two different currents: Thermolysis and Electrolysis.

This mixture triggers a bio-chemical process which produces a caustic substance able to destroy
the hair bulb.

DEPIL ELECTRONIC BLEND comes supplied complete with all the necessary accessories:

- 1 power supply cable;
- 1 needle holder manipulator complete with bipolar cable;
- 1 electrode in electro-conducting rubber with chamois leather finish 60 x 80 mm;
- 1 elastic electrode fixing band;
- 1 pedal-operated switch;
- 4 adhesive electrodes 45x35 mm;
- 10 mono-patient needles.


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