Depil Flash 3RF

DEPIL FLASH 3 RF is a multifunctional electric hair-removing instrument.
Three different types of treatment are offered: one with needle, one with pincers and finally the “flash” method. Thanks to the new technological studies it permits an efficient electric depilation practically painless and with a current discharge so fast to not be practically felt by the patient. All three hair-removing techniques reflect what is called “definitive depilation” treatment and are activated by currents at output frequency of 2 mHz.

The instrument also has two timers, one for adjusting the current operating time and the other for calculating the duration of the full treatment.
The system also has a special device for checking the operation of the tools.

DEPIL FLASH 3 RF comes with:

- 1 supply cord,
- 1 tools connecting cord,
- 1 pedal switch,
- 1 electric pincers,
- 1 needle handle,
- 10 electric depilation needles.


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