Thermic Steril V3

THERMIC STERIL V3 is the latest novelty from Elettro Cemm in the field of sterilization with dry heat. Sterilization causes the complete destruction of all forms of live microbes, pathogenic or otherwise, and of all micro-organisms, including spores.
This apparatus has been created to ensure the safe hygiene of surgical instruments and implements for manicure and pedicure.
The sterilizer has a capacity of over 3 litres. THERMIC STERIL V3 has a thermostat adjustable from 0 to 220C, an ON light and an indicator light to show that the temperature set has been reached.
The instantaneous temperature reached inside the tub is shown on a thermometer located on the apparatus data plate. The sterilizer also has an additional temperature control system, which makes it extremely safe and potentially harmless even in case of malfunctions.
In case of a defect with the first thermostat, which can be adjusted for temperature by the operator, a second safety thermostat is triggered, calibrated for a temperature of 280C. As soon as the safety thermostat detects excessive temperature inside the tub, it interrupts the electrical power supply to the sterilizer.
This system prevents all possible damage to the instruments or the apparatus itself. The apparatus is equipped with protection fuses and a timer to set sterilization time.
The instrument tub can be easily removed, and is fitted with practical removable handles. The objects that can be sterilized with THERMIC STERIL V3 include: metal nail files, needles, probes, mirror, points, cutters, burrs, pincers, scissors, etc


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