Body treatments

Termosauna 24V - Tonic Body

TERMOSAUNA 24V “ TONIC BODY” consists of:

- 1 switchboard control Art. FZ/04
Digital control of the output power
Possibility to memorize from 8 to 10 treatments.
Possibility of intervention during the treatment.
Digital control by push-bottoms.
Continue control of heating pads condition by feeders.
Heat interruption of heating pads in case of a feeders break.

- 1 sack ad 3 indipendent sectors Art. ST/6 (Composition: ext.: 50% vinyl, treated with “VANQUISH”, embroidered with soft padding (A), 50% material polyurethane (B), treated with “VANQUISH”. Int.: 100% polyester).

- 3 extractable heating pads Art. TE/24


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