Body treatments

Sonic Cell

This is aultrasound unit.The properties of ultrasounds are based on extremely fast oscillations or very short wavelength mechanical vibrations.
Thanks to these, it is possible to achieve very high-energy intensity in the tissues in the form of vibratory movements that represent a very therapeutic massage.
When these very fast oscillations pass through the tissues they vibrate at the same frequency, in this way benefiting from the effects of the pressure, the warming-up caused, the changes in physical-chemical behaviour, and the deep vibrations in the cellular protoplasm.
This leads to an increase in intercellular metabolism and the production of diathermic, electrical, and chemical effects, which in turn lead to variations in the state of the swelling of the cells, a nervous stimulus, and the formation of antitoxins.
The main effects of the ultrasonic waves are always analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and the therapeutic indications are based mainly on these effects.

The machine is equipped with:

1 Power supply cable
2 Probes
1 Cable with a double plug
1 Aluminium mass


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