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Thermal Active New Wood

Thermal wood new active is an exceptional instrument for the application of natural treatments that use steam to promote the psychophysical recovery of well-being. The apparatus provides a veritable steam bath with a uniform distribution of heat over the entire body surface.

Thermal active new wood was created to offer the benefits of a classic steam bath in a compact space, directly on your massage couch, with the possibility of applying treatments with mud, algae or essences, leaving the work area clean and free from humidity. Treatments are applied in fact inside a disposable inflatable sheet connected to the apparatus.
The sheet is inflated by a jet of hot air produced by the apparatus, providing a pre-treatment lasting about 10 minutes of dry heat only, before the addition of steam.

Thermal active new wood is easy to use, thanks to a practical display located on the housing. A powerful microprocessor controls all treatment phases, instantly displaying temperature inside the sheet, with the possibility of modifying both time and temperature at any moment.

The apparatus is mounted on a practical waterresistant birchwood cabinet of modern design, which contains the boiler. When the content of water vapour in a space is greater than that present in our skin, a layer of humidity is formed on the epidermis, bringing heat to the body and promoting transpiration.

In Thermal active new wood, the simultaneous action of controlled heat and steam facilitates blood and lymph circulation, dissolves toxins and promotes their expulsion through sudation. A steam bath, with its toning and relaxing properties, is one of the best therapies to combat the stress and tension to which we are subjected every day, leaving muscles and the nervous system relaxed, the skin softer, velvety and elastic, and internal organs purified. With the enhanced blood flow and intense sudation provoked by heat, the steam bath prevents adipose stagnation and helps to reduce cellulites and skin blemishes, also dissolving and eliminating surface fats.

Treatments Thermal active new wood offers the possibility of generating a flow of aromatized steam that exploits the action and benefits of essential oils, which are absorbed by the whole body, acting on physical, mental and spiritual processes. Masks, mudpacks, marine algae and purifying and reducing treatments can be applied with the steam bath, increasing its practicalness and efficacy (heat and steam cause the dilation of pores, with a greater penetration of the products applied).

A treatment with Thermal active new wood before a massage makes the massage easier and more beneficial, and if applied instead after a massage, gives an extraordinary sensation of relaxation and well-being.


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