Body treatments


Endoskin is an equipment that carries out a connective massage and therefore re-establish the right vascular sprinkling and favours the blood circulation going to strengthen and to tone up the cutaneous tissue. Thanks to the use of 3 various handles, each one of them equipped with cromotherapy, the operator is able to massage all the parts of the body, face included. Endoskin uses a system of communication with the operator, very simple and intuitive thanks to which it is easy to approach to all the functions.

A support to the system of use is given by a television camera, with which it is possible to make an analysis in depth of the skin and to decide consequently which treatment is the most suitable, from the draining cups and from the dvd player through which we can go to visualize the treatment in all of its part. Endoskin is suited for all the wellness centres and beauty parlours that want to be in the van in slimming and toning up treatments, offering superior benefts to the traditional ones.


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