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Air Harmony Evolution

AIR HARMONY EVOLUTION is the technological evolution of the models that preceded it, and represents the final result of the efforts made by the Elettro Cemm technical research team in the field of pressotherapy.

With its carefully calibrated pressure on the tissues, AIR HARMONY EVOLUTION facilitates the drainage of interstitial liquids and the substances dissolved in them, also activating venous circulation and liberating the extracellular environment from the wastes that are constantly produced by cells. Pressotherapy is applied with stimulator accessories for feet, legs, arms, stomach and groin. Application to distinct sectors makes massage more complete and uniform, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

The “superimposed sectors” inflating system used in AIR HARMONY EVOLUTION ensures that there are no spaces without pressure between different sectors, eliminating inconsistencies in application.

Pressure is not applied simultaneously on the entire surface covered by segments, but follows instead a centripetal sequence that is the same as the physiological sequence of venous blood
and lymph. A major feature of AIR HARMONY EVOLUTION is undoubtedly the advanced technology used in its construction.

A powerful internal microprocessor allows the machine to perform complex calculations, pressure measurements and all other necessary operations.
A sophisticated pressure transducer is able to measure and display the pressure reached in every single sector in real time.
The machine offers a variety of different treatment programmes, each with specific characteristics for the problem to be cured.
Programme details can be displayed directly on the screen, allowing the type of therapy to be applied to be chosen rapidly and with precision.

AIR HARMONY EVOLUTION allows the operator to personalize treatments so as to adapt the therapy to the needs and problems of every single patient.
Another great advantage of the machine is its extreme simplicity of use. Using the special pressure sensitive screen, a touch of the pen on the touch panel allows all options presented to be easily chosen.
The machine has no buttons, switches or other devices to be worked, and is operated simply by reading the contents of the screen and touching the desired options.

Accessories Supplied
1 Power supply cable
1 Leg jacket for pressotherapy
1 Outlet pipe for leg jacket
1 Pen for touch panel
10 Disposable trousers in HD

Accessories optional
1 Arm jacket
1 Outlet pipe for arm jacket


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