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Double Beauty

DOUBLE BEAUTY is a very practical electronic machine that has been specially created for total body care. It is easy to use and apply, ensuring that all types of treatment are carried out smoothly and in total safety. It has been designed for use in both beauty centres and in gyms, and is therefore very versatile. It can be used on both men and women.

DOUBLE BEAUTY allows operators to meet and satisfy the needs of all their clientele and excellent results are guaranteed thanks to a method that has been proven by Elettro Cemm's twenty-year experience. DOUBLE BEAUTY has been developed taking into account the differences in sensitivity, moisture, resistance and conductivity of the various parts of the body to be treated.

Thanks to its sixteen bipolar channels, it is possible to regulate the intensity of the power of the right-hand and the left-hand waves separately, thus ensuring a made-to-measure treatment for each small area that has to be stimulated. The conducting electrodes that come with the machine already have protection on them and they are particularly easy and quick to apply.

The treatments included in DOUBLE BEAUTY are as follows:
Cellulite treatment, lymphatic drainage, modelling exercises, muscle exercises, passive exercise, ionodynamics, lipolysis, destressing massages, relaxing massages, muscle development, weight reduction, muscle warmup exercises, toning exercises, and anti-wrinkle treatments.

The machine is equipped with:
1 Power supply cable
1 pouch cable-holder 8 + 8 outlet sheet
8 Buckskin electrodes 60 x 80 mm
24 Buckskin electrodes 80 x 120 mm
16 Disposable electrodes 35 x 45 mm
36 Disposable electrodes 45 x 80 mm
16 Elastic belts in various sizes


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