Body and face treatments

Sand wind

SAND WIND is an appliance of new conception that concurs to carry out slow exfoliation of the corneous layer of the skin, easy to control from the operator, by means of the contact with the part to treat with a handle, from whose extremity exits the aluminium oxide powder, called also corrindone crystals; material which has been chosen for its fneness and at the same time for its hardness. The same plastic cap that sprinkles the crystals at high speed works in aspiration concurring therefore the reabsorption of the same crystals and the abraded cells transmitting all in a drain container. The combination of a graduate exfoliation of the part that presents the slight blemish, associated to a strongly hyperaemia given from the vacuum effect, primes a positive reaction that brings to a regenerative process of the cute since its deeper layers, eliminating therefore the cutaneous slight blemish which is the main objective of the therapy.


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