Body and face treatments

Velvety Skin

This is an ultrasonic skin peeling system, combined with ionophoresis and photostimulation.

The Ultraskin sector generates an ultrasonic vibration that is conducted through a metallic
probe. When this probe comes into contact with water it causes it to evaporate thus eliminating dead skin cells and impurities.

The vibrations of the probe produce a greater flow of blood and promote deep penetration of the active principles, nourishing and hydrating the skin and improving muscle tone.

Ultraskin has three different programmes, one for sensitive skin, one for normal skin, and one for senescent skin types.

Its functions include cleansing, bacteria removal, and toning.
The Acticell sector allows us to use the ionophoresis and photostimulation probe.
Thanks to this combination, excellent results in product penetration can be achieved.
There are five programmes: frontal, periocular, nasolabial, neck and glabella furrows.

The machine is equipped with:

I Power supply cable
I Probe
I Ionophoresis + photostimulation probe
4 Disposable electrodes 35 x 45 mm
I Belt for fixing electrodes
I Buckskin electrode 60 x 80 mm
I Kit of metal electrodes for ionophoresis


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