Body and face treatments

Reactor C/W + Iono

As well-known the application of a warm surface on contact with the skin causes its redding, a vasodilatation and a hyper-vascularization, that has the reason to disperse the heat and to modify the cellular metabolism.
The handle COLD/WARM is a particular hammer: it is composed of two metal discs, one generates heat and the other generates cold.

The surface that develops a higher temperature is also able to generate a direct current (Ionophoresis), carrying out a ionophoresical treatment with the warm surface of the handle, combining these two methodologies and upgrading the effects with a following improvement of the penetration of products.
The dilatation of the surfaced tissues provoked of the heat prepares "the field" for the treatment of Ionophoresis.
Finished the phase of penetration of the product it comes cooled off the whole part with the other surface of the hammer, carrying out a vasoconstriction that allows to the penetrated product into the derma to remain in the treated zone and not to disperse itself in the organism.
The alternation of cold and warm generates a kind of vascular gymnastics that allows to the lymphatic staunching ( or circulatory difficulties generally ) to be drained.

Accessories supplied Reactor C/W + Iono:

- 1 Power supply cable
- 1 Handle cold/warm
- 1 Cable Iono
- 4 Adhesive electrodes 35 X 45


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