Body and face treatments

Sana Gym

The electrostimulation has reached a remarkable height of use in the aesthetic field. It must be emphasized the fact that, if the electrical stimulation is used with certain programs and if it is coupled with a light physical activity, can produce an appreciable aesthetic improvement.
Sana gym thanks to 8 optoinsulated outputs and 6 different types of wave shapes consents to the user, innumerable applications either in the sporting field as in the aesthetics one.

In fact we can stimulate body and face zones with especially programs studied purposely to guarantee an optimal result.
Sana gym is an efficacious apparatus of electrostimulation, not invasive, that uses a natural and physiological way, without causing problems such as muscular overloading.
At least we donít forget that sana gym, operating only on certain muscular groups, offers the possibility to select the zones to model up, allowing therefore to choose, within certain limits, the desired aesthetic outline.

Accessories supplied Sanagym:

- 1 Power supply cable
- 1 Output Cable 16 poles
- 12 Electrodes in buckskin 80 X 120
- 4 Electrodes in buckskin 60 X 80
- 1 Kit of elastic belts
- 8 Adhesive electrodes 35 X 45
- 8 Adhesive electrodes 45 X 80
- 50 Gel electrodes D=24


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