Body and face treatments


This is a highly professional, 11-channel electrostimulation unit that is entirely controlled by a microprocessor, which manages all the phases of operation. It has a graphic display with 256 colours, which ensures that all the
operating indications are clearly visualized.

It has 28 keys to allow quick access to all the functions, and 11 outlets that can all operate simultaneously.

It can memorize programmes and visualize the shape of the wave in movement during operation on a small panel on the display.

GENESIS is equipped with a video memory that contains lots of important information, including how to position the electrodes on the muscles of the body and the face, some practical advice, technical information and lots more. 20 specific programmes for each treatment are memorised, and the display visualizes all the parameters for each one.

The machine is equipped with:

1 Power supply cable
1 Pouch cable-holder
12 Buckskin electrodes 80 x 120 mm
4 Buckskin electrodes 60 x 80 mm
1 Packet containing 50 disposable electrodes 24
8 Disposable electrodes 45 x 80 mm
12 Disposable electrodes 35 x 45 mm
8 Belts in various sizes for fixing electrodes
1 Probe for ionophoresis
1 Connection cable for the ionophoresis probe
1 Needle electrode for ionophoresis
1 Globe electrode for ionophoresis
1 Roll electrode for ionophoresis


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