Body and face treatments


The ideal apparatus for deep cleansing of skin and regeneration treatments, and designed to perform a dual function: Ionophoresis and Decrustation.
Ionophoresis allows substances in ion form to penetrate the skin surface to deeper levels, exploiting direct current. These substances are drawn into tissues by the flow of electrons between the two poles.

Decrustation has the aim of creating an action of electrochemical decrustation of the skin. The passage of direct current produces a reaction of saponification of the fatty acids and the sebum on the edges of the follicular openings.
The intensity of current output can be varied, and is displayed on a practical instrument.

Accessories supplied:
- 1 Power supply cable
- 1 Simulation probe
- 1 Ground pole m 12
- 1 Large pin
- 1 Small pin
- 1 Small sphere
- 1 Flat electrode


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