Body and face treatments


Supernova is the most effective solution for the treatment of depilation and for the cutaneous slight blemishes as for example hairs incarnates and represents an optimal means for having a reduction of the patrimony bulbar.
One characteristic important of Supernova is that the treatments can be carry out on all types of skin (clear, medium, dark) and, thanks to a particular methodology it is possible
to obtain optimal results also on the clear hairs.
The photorejuvenation is a treatment on deep thermal action that induces stimulation
of the connecting tissue, carrying to an aesthetic improvement of the cutaneous weft.
The effects of this treatment are an immediate effect lifting, the improvement of the texture and the brightness, the passing of the micro-wrinkles and a bio-stimulating effect that attenuates the deeper wrinkles.It is effective also in order to eliminate the signs of the aging caused from the senile spots, exposure to the sun, acne and couperose.Thanks to this innovative system, we are in a position to treat with several problems.
The treatment can be carried out on whichever part of the body; hands, ace, neck, abdomen.


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