Body and face treatments

Air Therapy

The effect of the vacuum-massage on the body favours an improvement of the tissular micro-circle associated to a detoxifying action. Applying this methodology happens that there is a substantial increase of oxygen levels and a decrease of carbon dioxide in the peripheral tissues. Improving the blood-flux, the exchange of activity carried out in the capillaries is facilitated. Moreover accelerating the blood-flow, are contrasted the venous stasis that is the cause of varicose veins and the relevant venous insufficiency.
Air therapy, is used by an special aspiring handle with rolls that must be glided on the zones to treat, especially cellulites and adipose, levelling the accumulations of adipose and eliminating unevenness and orange peel. The treatment will be completed with two subsequent stages: one is the vaporisation of a special product on the treated part and the other is a stippling executed by little bells that thanks to their action, bring back a re-balance to the skin tissue.

Accessories supplied Air Therapy:

- 1 Power supply cable
- 1 Suction handle with medium rolls
- 2 Bodysuits m/l
- 2 Bodysuits x/l
- 2 Medium bells
- 1 Nebulizing bottle
- 4 Tubes f-f
- 2 Cannula-holder


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