Body and face treatments

Resolutive 10

An ideal computerised system for face treatments and for giving an exceptional sense
of well-being to the whole body. The versatility of RESOLUTIVE 10 makes it suitable for beauty and medical centres as well as gyms.
RESOLUTIVE 10 is suitable for problems of all types which it solves via the enormous range of treatments, the wide choice of electrodes and the considerable number of options it offers.

RESOLUTIVE 10 offers a total of 11 treatments for the body:
Total firming
Upper body draining
Lower body draining
Total modelling
Total volumetric
Lower body circumferencial
Upper body circumferencial
Total stretching
Lower body reducing
Breast firming
Gluteus firming

The 10 bipolar options of RESOLUTIVE 10 allow the whole body
to be worked on at the same time.

and 7 for the face:
Double chin lifting
Cheek lifting
Perimetrical lifting
Pericular lifting
Double chin lipolysis
Forehead lipolysis
Manual lipolysis

The 18 treatments are made possible by a wide choice of accessories:

1 pouch cable-holder
1 bipolar connection cable for face electrodes
20 red and black alligator clips
2 electro-conducting bands of 5m
1 electro-conducting band of 7m
16 electrodes in electro-conducting rubber of mm 80 x 120 mm
4 electrodes in electro-conducting rubber of 60 x 80 mm
10 electrode fixing bands
20 sponge cases for electrodes
16 circumferencial bands in electroconducting rubber
50 adhesive electrodes 24 mm
20 adhesive electrodes 35 x 45 mm
20 adhesive electrodes 45 x 90 mm
1 manipulator for manual lifting complete with electrodes and cables
1 body suit in lycra/cotton
1 arm band in lycra/cotton
1 body girdle in lycra/cotton


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